Why wool is brilliant all year round?

Wool underwear and wool clothing in general can be used by anyone, all year round, but is especially important when we are exposed to cold, moisture or temperature fluctuations.

  1. Wool can take up about 1/3 of its own mass in the form of water vapor without feeling moist.
  2. Wool also binds body sweat and neutralizes it, making wool perfect for resting as well as for physical activity.
  3. In addition, wool textiles contributes to a better blood flow which gives the correct and fine pulse, therefore it is recommended for babies to sleep in wool.
  4. Modern wool types like Merino are among the softest fabrics you can imagine.
  5. Wool is both sustainable and biodegradable, choose textiles that do not neglect our environment such as fleece made of plastic.
  6. The wool garments are soft and elastic to grow in, and perfect for play and movement.
  7. Wool is super important for children who during play alternate between activity and rest. If the baby is sweaty or wet, the wool ensures that the skin dries again and does not get cold. This is due to the natural cell structure of the wool that makes it breathable, it both absorbs and frees moisture.
  8. It has at the same time an insulating effect that allows your child to keep heat even when it is in less activity.

Is wool clothing suitable during summer summer?

Everyone (at least all Norwegians) knows that wool is the best fabric during winter, but did you know that wool is perfect in the summer too? Soft, delicious Merino wool is actually cool when it’s hot, and there are many other advantages too:

  1. Temperature regulating – wool helps us to maintain a stable body temperature. It regulates both heat and cold.
  2. Moisture wicking – wool absorbs water quickly and draws moisture away from the skin, keeping it dry even when sweating.
  3. Non itching – Merino wool does not itch, it is delicious and soft.
  4. Bacteria retardant – wool has antiseptic properties and does not need to be washed often, it is often enough to just ventilate the garments.
  5. Protects against UV radiation – Clothing of wool and polyester protects better against the sun than cotton, linen and rayon (artificial silk).

Wool is a winner for the whole family, year round!

We are concerned that both animals and humans should be well and treated nicely. Our quality is in 100% finest Merino wool from sheep in Australia where mulesing is not allowed. The wool clothing is treated with “mild superwash”. It means that the woven fabric is pre-boped and dyed