Wool – an amazing material

Wool clothing is sustainable as the clothing has a longer lifespan than many other fabrics, and wool is biodegradable. Wool is the best fabric to wear close to the body, and we have silky wool in the finest merino quality you can imagine, so even those who are plagued with allergies to wool can often wear our wool clothing.

Wool can take up about 1/3 of its own mass in the form of water vapor without feeling moist. The wool also binds body sweat and neutralizes it, making it perfect for both rest and physical activity. Wool is best closest to the body when it is cold outside and when in high activity: it breathes and retains heat, and dries quickly if you get sweaty.

Wool underwear and wool clothing in general can be used by everyone, all year round, but is especially important when we are exposed to cold, humidity or temperature fluctuations such as children during play that alternate between activity and rest. If the baby is sweaty or wet, the wool ensures that the skin dries again and does not get cold. This is due to the natural cell structure of the wool that makes it breathable, it both absorbs and frees moisture. It has at the same time an insulating effect that allows your child to keep heat even when it is in less activity.

All our garments can be used at the head of the skin, but we have a separate series, namely the Sarpsborg series, in slightly thinner wool, which is made as a clean underwear, intended to wear under other clothing. This is also the softest wool available, but it is made in single jersey 180 grams, which means that the fabric is somewhat thinner than our other wool garments (which are made in interlock 280 grams), and therefore best suited as underwear/baselayer. Check out Sarpsborg here!

Wear and tear of wool

Wool clothing stays soft and supple for long periods of time, longer than for example cotton. Wool is a delicate material, and WoolLand has worked extensively with reinforcement in the most exposed places. The reinforcements lose their effect if you buy for large clothes.

Children who crawls on the floor are struggling naturally on their knees. We recommend that you patch such holes, to spare the environment and contribute to the sustainable exploitation of the garments, so that the garment can be used further. Lapping is easy with WoolLand, we have separate patches that you can iron on (we also recommend sewing the patch firmly if they are fastened to the knees/elbows to make it sit for extra long). See our iron patches here!

What do I do if I got a hole in a WoolLand garment?

WoolLand wool Clothing is known for its excellent wear resistance, and since it is made of a thicker wool quality we have better wear resistance than much other wool clothing on the market. All wool clothing must be treated neatly and used properly as wool is a vulnerable textile. Holes due to manufacturing defects are a claim reason and we will correct it or send a new product. Gaps that occur due to normal washing or use is not a claim reason.

Washing your wool garments

Washing instructions:
– Wool is self-cleaning and should not be washed too often.
– When you sweat in a wool top, you can hang it up for airing, instead of washing it.

The wool that WoolLand uses is easy to clean:
It is actually better to wash the garments in the machine than by hand if you have a wool or delicate cycle.
It can be washed in a washing machine at 30-40 degrees using this delicate cycle and then gently stretched in wet condition.
Use a wool detergent to ensure the soap does not destroy the wool fibres. We recommend our own natural wool detergent, which is specially designed to wash our wool gently and efficiently. In no event must you use Vanish or any other strong stain remover as this destroys the wool fibers!
Don’t forget to close all zippers before washing.
Remember that wool is a natural material – it takes a little love, care and the right soap to keep it longer!

NB: Remember to close all zippers before washing, this applies not only to wool, but all textiles.

Removal of stains

We recommend buying our wool soap, and take some powder on the stain along with some water. Gently rub in and let it work approx 5 min. then wash normally. If the stain is made of fat, it may be worthwhile to do the same with dishwashing detergent.

In no event must you use Vanish or any other strong stain remover as this destroys the wool fibers!


Wool is a natural material and will emit a little fiber, which is perfectly normal. With a lot of friction, bumps can occur, and these can be easily removed with a special comb or a bump remover.

Tip: To keep the wool garment nice longer, we recommend to wash the garment before use to remove some surface fibers before they have to be used. If the bumps/pilings are first encountered, remove the pilings before washing, then the garment will be just as good again.


We strive for a high quality and are careful that our sevens maintain a very good quality of their work. However, you may want to tighten the buttons on your baby clothes, especially baby clothes, as they can loosen. We have put on an extra button on the Wash tab of all our sweaters and trousers, in case you would be unfortunate to lose a button.