Can people with eczema use wool?

It is an ancient myth that people with eczema can not use wool. This is a statement of modifications.

There are several factors that affect this:

  1. Wool quality is very important. Low mic means long wool fibers and high quality wool. Read more about the mic further down.
  2. If the wool fibers are long, they will not stick out and irritate.
  3. The white type of wool (from sheep) also plays a role. Merino Wool is known for being the softest wool (from sheep).
  4. Cachemire wool (from a special type of goats) is even softer and more gentle.
  5. It varies greatly from person to person. If you suffer from severe eczema you are probably more sensitive to different textiles as well.
  6. You have to try out and test different wool products on the skin.

Wool quality is measured in mic

Our wool has a very low mic, and is among the finest and softest wool available. In fact, clinical studies published in the Journal of British Dermatology showed that super fine Merino wool helps children with eczema.
Read more about this here!

Our garments are made from the finest Merino wool. Wool quality is measured in mic, and the lower the mic a garment has, the finer the wool it is. If the garment has a low mic value it means that the fibers are longer and create finer ripples, which makes the garment soft, durable and not itching on the skin. As long as the mic value is below 21.5 it can be called Merino wool, and therefore many wool garments are located at exactly that level. WoolLand’s products have a mic that’s right down on 18. This means that even those who struggle with, for example, atopic dermatitis can often use our garments without scratching, and even get better. We recommend testing our wool, you won’t be disappointed!

You can trust in our quality

We never compromise on quality, so when you shop WoolLand you should know that you get top-notch wool.

One of our customers wrote in to us:

“Love WoolLand because it’s the only wool clothes my kids don’t object to wearing. They have delicate skin and atopic dermatitis, and everything else in wool itches. In addition, when the clothes are beautiful and practical, I am sold 😍 I also love that it is durable it does not look like one is wearing underwear “.

Norwegian top skier Marit Bjorgen loves WoolLand!